PAX Legal, LLC Schedule of Legal Fees Association Clients

As a way to make it easier to provide best-in-class legal services to our clients, at a cost that is more affordable, PAX Legal, LLC will implement a flat-fee hourly rate for all of its’ attorneys through January 1, 2025.  As such, with the exception of Association clients, all PAX Legal, LLC clients will be billed at the below rates for any legal work performed by any PAX Legal, LLC attorney, through January 1, 2025.

Collection actions


  • Per Attorney Hour

Document preparation


  • Per Attorney Hour
  • Draft Resolutions
  • Amendments & Transition Services

Complex Litigation


  • Per Attorney Hour
  • Quiet Title
  • Zoning and Appellate litigation matters

Trial Rates


* Rates are guaranteed until January 1, 2025

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